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How-to: Sync Your Microsoft Band Runs with Nike+

It's no secret that Nike and Microsoft haven't been closest (thank you, Mr. Cook), and that Nike+ offers quite the nice fitness social network that specializes in running. But now that Microsoft Health has partnered with Strava, it is possible to manually upload your runs to Nike+ with a simple trick which even carries over your heart-rate statistics in your run.

So if you have a Nike+ account, or you're looking for a new device that connects with Nike+, you're in luck. And if you don't have a Nike+ account, I highly recommend checking out the platform since it offers some strong social features, and displays your runs in a beautiful way.



1. Make sure your Microsoft Health account is connected with Strava, go here to do so.

2. Track your next run with your Microsoft Band. (if you already have running activities on Strava, you're golden)

3. Go to your running event on Strava, click the wrench, click the option "export to GPX" and save the file in any folder you wish.

4. Go to: Nike+ Converter & Uploader, select/check "GPX file" and upload your GPX file with your Nike+ login details. And voilà, your run will be converted and uploaded within seconds.

Tip: If you have multiple runs to upload, go to your Strava settings, and hit the orange button near the bottom left that says "download all your activities." Once Strava collects and zips all your runs, and emails you the link, you can upload each GPX run file you have.