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My 2014 Racing Year Comes To An End

This last Saturday ended my racing year of 2014. Although I couldn't make it to my last race (MEC Fortune Fell Race) of the year today, I have accomplished more than I thought I could have this year, which makes me proud of my results and milestones that were hit. Especially with this only being my 2nd year in competitive running.

My biggest accomplishment was finishing 1st in a race. Not only because I was the champion of that run, but because of where it took place – the trail! My favourite terrain to run on, which makes me more honored to call myself a trail runner. I even finished ahead of the 2nd place finisher by over 1:30 minutes. Needless to say, that trail was all mine.

Another big accomplishment was breaking the 5k 20:00 minute mark with a time of 18:58 in the Rock The Road race. If the finish line didn't pop up so quickly, I would have started sprinted earlier to help shave off some seconds. But I am still more than happy with that result, particularly since the gradual slope at the end was a killer. With that performance, I finished 1st in my age group and 2nd overall. Since this ended up being my last race (with having to miss the MEC Fortune Fell race), I am still happy because I got to finish on a high note.

I was also able to compete in my very first winter race, which even though was held on one of the coldest days of the winter, I had a blast! The hot chocolate at the end of it was a life saver!

2014 was the busiest racing year I've had yet, with a total of 4 races competed in. With 4 races in the bank, it made it possible to hit up some big milestones.

Now I Look To 2015

To make sure I haven’t peaked, I plan to train even harder this winter to prepare myself for 2015 and what it has to throw at me. I’m not looking too forward to winter running up here in Ottawa, compared to my home city London, which is much more warmer than here.

But other than hitting the snowy roads even more this winter, my workouts at the gym will be even more challenging and efficient than previous 'workout seasons'. All thanks to having a personal trainer for the first few weeks when I moved to Ottawa. He taught me many new techniques and things, such as: pushing my limits even more, executing more dynamic workout sessions, etc.

So as long as I keep up my effective and consistent training, 2015 should be an even greater year for me. :)

And as of right now, I am going through all the 2015 Ottawa and London races, so expect to see my schedule pop up on here in the next week or two.

A Special Thank You

I'd also like to thank MEC and their volunteers. MEC offers great competitive races that are only $15. Each MEC race is well-organized with a positive and supportive atmosphere, great snacks and rewards, accompanied by helpful staff. I also like how they don't shove another cheesy race shirt into the bottom of our closet's. Obvious to say that I will try and hit up every MEC race I can in 2015, either in Ottawa or London! Hope to see you there!