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Connect with Shane Van Rensen aka UVSoaked. A runner, designer, and social media enthusiast located in Ottawa, Canada.

Global Warming and Running


Global Warming and Running

Shane (UVSoaked)

It's mid-December and it feels like late spring out. Today reached a high of 14 out, and it has never felt nicer to run in the "winter" even though I made the mistake of running in a winter long-sleeve which is still too warm to wear right now.

Although I enjoy running in the cold winter with a side of snow, this is a nice change. Especially since I just came back from a foot injury, and missed most of the best running season (fall).

And now that I'm back to my regular running routine, I did my sunday runday after a long and busy 8 hour shift at MEC which definitely affected my run as I felt pretty tired after the second kilometer. But even though I was tired, I thought it would be a good time to start scouting a nice 5-6k route to have down for the winter (when the cold temperatures actually hit us) so I don't have to go out running in the cold, looking for a route that has the perfect training distance.

I got a decent route down, but still not good enough. My next run will be finding a similar route, only with more hills and closer to 6k.

Anyways, just a little training update I thought I should share, and to also share my happiness with this with unusually warm weather we've been having.