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Connect with Shane Van Rensen aka UVSoaked. A runner, designer, and social media enthusiast located in Ottawa, Canada.

Preordered The New Microsoft Band


Preordered The New Microsoft Band

Shane (UVSoaked)

Although I was a little disappointed with the lack of new features and having the same battery life as the first generation. The new design is too improved to pass up on. Preordered as soon as I could, and should be shipping out at the end of this month.

I never really thought the first generation of the Band was ugly. It's just like any other fitness band. Rubber, black, and a little clunky. But after seeing the new Band, I've realized how much nicer it will be to have a device that fits around the wrist more comfortably, and not only that, but it definitely looks much nicer to wear/use - mainly thanks to the curved display screen.

The first generation did lack hardware what was designed nicely. You could tell function came first, and that they didn't want to use too many resources to improve its look since Microsoft was just dipping their toes into the fitness tracker market. It's nice to see the new Band have both function and design.

And even though I was a little disappointed with the new features that are coming with the new Band, it does have some. The best one is the newly added barometer to detect your elevation without having to rely solely on GPS map altitude data. As someone who does hill sprints (and with the one hill I mainly use, Strava seems to think it's only varies by 10m), this new sensor will be great to have.

It also has UV monitoring, the first generation did have a UV sensor, but that was for only manual use and did not affect or collect any data. A newly redesigned clasp for easier and securer use. And a new screen that's better for touch and display.

If you're interested in seeing the Band 2 presentation at the Windows 10 Devices event, here it is: